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A big, damned hero

Genre: Horror


I grab my mimosa and return the gesture. “Here’s to the crazies.”

The glasses clink just as the front door is forced in.

Warnings: graphic gore, death, serial killer short story

My most popular (by likes):

Newbury Street (poem): 

You are in a subway station.

You’re down on your last dime and you just need two more nickels.

Slide to Unlock (multiple chapters):

After being shot in the head and, from what he remembers, dying; John Forrester wakes up in a lab. He realizes something isn’t right when he’s practically glowing and the orderlies have him restrained. Being the stubborn soldier he is, John Forrester eventually escapes, but to what?

With no identity, a new hardware-enhanced body, and some crazy feds on his tail–what’s a man on the run to do?


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