Hey all!

I know I’ve been rather absent…for months…

I have had a story auto-posting, which was fun to set up. Apparently I messed the links up to the parts in the series, but now that is all fixed! You should check it out if you haven’t already–all parts now accessible from any one post in the series:

Next up should be a Science Fiction short story broken into 3 Parts 😀

Here’s a tease:



Yes it’s on the moon. And YES IT IS AWESOME.

Just sayin’



Okay, so this has like zero to do with writing, but I’m pretty proud of myself and wanted to share it with my followers.

This is how you punch, right?

This is how you punch, right?

Yesterday, I went kickboxing for the first time ever at Redline Fight Sports. I only almost decided not to go like twenty times–good thing I decided  to go twenty one times.

It was a really amazing experience. First, I got to hit things with massive, squishy gloves on my hands. I pretended I was Bruce Lee for a little, just to channel my inner martial arts master, and I wailed on the punching bag in decent form.

Second, the people I met were Ah-Mazing. This class was beginner and intermediate, so naturally I had horrible ideas that it’d be all advanced and they’d all be like “what is this silly weakling doing here. Ha. Ha. Let us laugh at her weaklingness”. But everyone was SUPER NICE. Like the ISS almost went off course because the amount of niceness that could be seen coming from Redline Fight Sports was blinding.

I am super psyched to go back next week. Going to work more on take downs, so I will put my well honed falling skills to the test!

(Also do you guys like my terrible selfie? I took them with my sexy mouthguard in. 😉 )