Greetings from Deutschland!

I know this blog scarcely updates but maybe you noticed a longer pause than usual and I am here to give you a much deserved answer: I am in Germany.

The move was interesting and, I have to say, I would not have been able to do it without all the people who helped me. My parents made sure I kept my head screwed on straight in the lead up and the strangers I met in Germany, like my taxi driver who spoke to my house master for me, made sure I didn’t lose my head entirely. I do want to point out, since I am sure a few might be a little skeptical as to why I am studying in Germany if I couldn’t even talk to my house master in German. Well, I could talk to him in German, but he spoke a special dialect that I didn’t know and he didn’t feel like speaking High German–as a result we weren’t really speaking the same language. It sucked, but my taxi driver saw me having trouble and stuck around. Who ever said Germans are cold are liars.They are very nice, provided you are on time.

But who cares about the struggles, right?! Let’s see the adventures!

1. Tübingen

This little town is next door to the one I am studying at and is beautiful. They have two competing churches that attempt to ring their bells louder than the other on every quarter hour. Which is really funny because one goes and then the other starts to ring even louder. However, if you are in the bell tower when they happen to go off, like we had been, it can be a little less fun…

There is also a great brauerei: Gasrhausbrauerei. If you want something light and sweet, the Apfelweiß is delicious beyond compare. If you want something that actually tastes like beer, get the classic weiß beer.

IMG_20140906_142954 IMG_20140906_143003

2. Achalm

After you hike past a neighborhood and then a bunch of sheep and a rather steep incline, you get some spectacular views. There is an old fire watch tower up top that you can get on top of and see for miles in the Schwabian Alps.


3. Hohenzollern Castle

This Castle was the original homestead of the Prussian empire. The chapels were beautiful, but sadly we could not take any pictures inside. The outside is rather gorgeous too. I also caught a glimpse of the prince, which pretty much made my week.

IMG_20140906_110410IMG_20140906_105440  IMG_20140906_100336IMG_20140906_111105