Author notes at end


You know,

I never thought I’d go crazy.

I never thought I’d watch my mind

Lose and push the daisies.


I never thought I’d see the same world

So entirely wrong.


It wasn’t really gradual

I woke up one day on the wrong axis

And I walked like a seaman

With a quickly acquired practice,

While the thread of reality crested

And broke under my sure step.


I never dreamt any brighter

In the hysteria or in the clear.

My dreams are just colored glass;

Through which I cautiously peer.

I always thought my dreams would speak

But they were always mute.


Now I’m lost in this madness

And I reach for those of my ilk

I clutch at fingers of ghosts

And blood already spilled,

Because this madness will ruin me

All too quickly.

A/N: I’m not going crazy. Well, I am because work is really WORK (all formatting intentional), but not this kind of crazy. I just had this paranoia recently come over me and it freaked me out,. Mostly because, in retrospect, I just slipped into it despite my rational tendencies. Like I had this crazy, wild idea that made no sense, but it made sense all the same. only to me. only in that manufactured reality.

Consequently, I wrote this up because I wanted to try to capture the feeling.


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