Dear MonSanto

Dear MonSanto


I like to eat food

It keeps me alive

And sometimes it tastes good

When I eat what I like.


I’m not terribly choosy.

Whatever’s on sale or I know how to cook

But now that’s not good enough–

Now I have to take a closer look.


Because you decided I don’t need to live:

I just need to live long enough to buy.

And hey! With 9 billion people

Who cares if, like, a quarter survive?


You put known carcinogens in our food.

Force farmers to grow your seeds

And, if they don’t, you take their farms

Because it’s the whole industry you apparently need.


And when studies come out against you

Well, just sweep them on under the rug!

With an axe or a chainsaw for good measure

To get rid of that pesky, truth, bug.


So, in conclusion

And this is all you had to read

I hope some EU country subpoenas you to hell

so that you can never sell another fucking seed.





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