Homeward Bound

This is from an own-character universe, so it’s really me fanning over my own creation. Go me!

You might see a story from this -verse, but we shall see. The Awakening is connected, actually–this is the Interloper. A meddler. A traveler. 

(from m-w) Interloper: one that intrudes/interferes in a place or sphere of activity


Homeward Bound

Footprints of black dirt upon the road

Lodestone keeps pulling me home.


There is darkness in the sky

And it hangs low on the mountaintops.

I watch as the mist rolls in

Over the softly swaying crops.


The road has been abandoned for centuries,

Given over to death’s penitentiaries.

Sometimes you can see the phantoms on the shoulder:

While each year, the winters grow colder.


There is star dust in the air tonight

And I can taste it in the back of my throat:

The sharp sting of explosive creation

Timeless, but it still makes me choke.


The Wolf will not let me rest

And the Coyote continues his chase:

Brothers out to prove they’re the best

While I have only time to waste.


Where the road ends,

I continue.


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