Prove to me

A/N at the end


Prove to me.

You look so lost…sometimes…

As if you don’t know why you have hands

Or why your feet are where they are.


You look so lost…sometimes…

As if this house isn’t your home.


Sometimes I’ll ignore you in your lapses.

I’ll wait until your jigsaw is fitted together.

Other times I’ll jam your pieces in place for you;

Remind you of your name. My name. The fucking weather.


I get scared you’ll run away. Or

You’ll forget which way to run. Or

I come home. You never do.

I’ll wait, but I won’t look for you.


You look so lost…sometimes…

That you don’t want to be found.

I’ve felt the sharp slap of your words

Too often to know not to hound.


You look so lost…sometimes…

That I’m afraid that if I reach out and touch

The mirror will shatter and the illusion will break

And I’ll finally lose the one I love so much.


One day, I will lose you.

Just not today. Not today.



this was inspired by a conversation with my friend. I was complaining about waking up early for class and she said that she always told herself “Today is a beautiful day to be alive” when she woke up. I thought it was campy, but she told me she said it because some of her friends used to and that it is an exercise that people battling suicidal thoughts will do.

This, of course, made me think of my own experiences with that sort of thing and tada! a sad poem. Just remember, every life is worth living and there is ALWAYS someone who thinks you’re worth it and, maybe, you just haven’t met them yet.


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