An exemplary sort of love

Have you ever loved someone so much

That their sins have burned your skin to scars,

And their prayers match the beating of your heart?


Their fingers fit between each groove in your ribs.

Their palms press your lungs and force you to give

Until you breathe in time with their stuttered breaths

That always have your name skipping from their lips.


Have you ever loved someone so much

That their dreams are now the ones you dream, too

And the world is their creation made just for you?


It’s black and white in the love that you two share.

It washed the world of color excepting your red hearts;

They burn on the page like a cigarette on a photograph.

A wound is opening in your love but you hardly care.


Have you ever loved someone so much

That soon the sky is their laugh and the air their voice

And you thought you could leave, but there was never a choice?


You wake up in that still of photographic love

And you find yourself chained by their hands;

Between your ribs and their fingers is a deadman’s switch

“Live without me,” they goad as if to prove

—you can’t.


Have you ever loved someone so much

That you eased their fingers gently from the switch

So that you both fell into the soft rush of the abyss?


“Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pale of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown,

Jill came tumbling after.”



Notes: This is inspired by a lot of different things, but one is a really sad Bollywood movie that I just saw and effectively made me cry my heart out for no good reason.

Also, in this poem, I am not painting love in a purely positive light. Like, the acts in this are meant to progress into absolute insanity; in fact, I hope that if you find love, you won’t get that crazy. Okay? I am not saying it’s okay to…yea…any of that stuff. Love is good though–the healthy and safe kind!

I’m also sad I couldn’t find a photo for it. I have a very clear picture in my head, so everything that was not that was, well, not ‘good enough’. So I’m sorry I’m so picky. heh.

Comments and reviews welcome! Likes as well πŸ™‚




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