The Timing of Tomorrow

There will be a post coming later about presentism, which inspired this. You can read the article I first learned about presentism here.


The Timing of Tomorrow


I always wait for tomorrow

Thinking it will be more beautiful than the last

As if all my dreams will come to fruition in tomorrow

And the only burden I bear is the past.


But I should not wait for tomorrow.

It is only a distraction the clock creates:

As if the world can be divided by ticks and tocks

And with each new sunrise, a better world waits.


Really: tomorrow is never going to come,

Which is a fact that all animals know but us.

We have our clocks, but they have their ways

To build their timeless empires out of dust.


“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow”

Are but words spoken within a dream

And in realty they make not a whisper

For nothing but us knows what they mean.


Image Source

Link to Soliloquy from Macbeth (Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow)



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