We are the Astronauts

Life can get tough. Just remember that’s not all it is or all that it’s ever going to be. Life is magical in the way that it keeps going.


We are the Astronauts


It’s beautiful:

This future we paint with a stroke of fancy.

It’s dreadful:

This past we hide behind a veil of memory.

Sometimes I look at the Sun,

Hoping it’d burn me up.


It’s splendid:

The shine we brush on each new idea.

It’s wretched:

The bruise we leave on all the bad ones.

Sometimes I count the stars

To remember failure doesn’t kill me.


It’s magnificent:

The warmth we imbue in each burning passion.

It’s maleficent:

The ice we pump into our veins to chase them.

Sometimes I stare at my reflection

To see that I’m still here.


And then,

I feel the world turn under my feet

And remember its rocketing through space

And we’re all strapped in with gravity.

We’re astronauts among the stars

No matter how deep or dark our scars.


Sometimes I remember to just breathe

And that’s enough.



photo credit: blueforce4116 via photopin cc


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