Newbury Street

Newbury Street

You are in a subway station.

You’re down on your last dime and you just need two more nickels.

You ask a businessman for some change.

He pretends he has no cash and walks away.


You are on the street corner.

You lost something you can’t find.

You ask the little girl if she saw it;

She looks you up and down ‘no’.


You are further down the same street.

You wave at a taxi.

It blusters by spraying you with mud.

There’s no one in the cab

–and now no cab that would take you.


You are in a coffee shop

And you’re not yet on your last dime

but you’re a dime short.

There’s a man there who hands the cashier a dollar

and drops the change in the tip jar.

He writes his number for you on a napkin.


But you lose the napkin while you’re walking down the street

and you can’t find it.

You try to take the subway home

But all you have is a credit card that no machine will take.

You try to take a taxi to just leave this street

But it blows right by and leaves you muddy.


So you walk down the street you started on.

It’s the same street this story ends on.


Because there’s the man from the coffee shop catching up to you.

He offers you his jacket to keep warm despite your mudstained clothes.

He takes you home in such a chivalrous way that you have to ask for his number again.


He just hands you back the napkin.


“I was hoping you had only lost it.” he confesses;

Going unsaid: “I had thought you threw it away”.

And you say you had only lost it and, this time, you won’t lose it.

But it hardly matters, since after the first call

He always calls you.

photo credit: wenzday01 via photopin cc


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