Life Update #1

So I don’t know what the code is for writing personal posts on here.

But I just want to update on life and stuff so my followers can know me better (now that it’s no longer just my mom following me (hi mom!)).

I also appreciate every one of my followers and love you all. So this post is just so you know exactly what you started following once you hit the follow ‘button’.

Okay! Life update after the cut –>

These past few months have been intensely busy for me. Finding housing. Finding a coop (which is ongoing, hire me please). Midterms. Now as most of these are coming to a close, I am beginning to find some time to myself, which of course means I get obsessive over something, right?

Over the past couple weeks this small interest I had in the disparity between customers’ view on brands on social media and the company’s view of brands on social media has kind of, sort of totally grown out of proportion. I am now writing a research paper on it, running an experiment on it, and considering trying to do research with a faculty member at my school on it. Only just a teensy, itsy bit obsessive.


To explain exactly what I’m interested in, it’s this:

Consumers follow brands (think Starbucks or Target) on twitter; they like the brands’ facebook pages; and, now, they follow the pinterest pinboards. Company’s (Target, Starbucks) see the customer doing this as the customer basically declaring “I am loyal and I love you!”

The problem is, this is wrong.

The customer is liking/following to get exclusive deals. They want to be the first to know about new arrivals or special promotions. While this indicates brand loyalty, to an extent, it’s definitely not what the company is seeing.

The company thinks ‘ah, we’ve got this one in the bag’ when, no, they really don’t. They have one on the edge of the bag. Or in the vicinity of the bag. But no, not in it.

So I’m doing research to prove this assumption right. I’m also trying to learn javascript, on my own, for the second time.

Welp…such is life.



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