He is, He is: I am

Been going through some old files in order to free up space. Found this one

He is, He is: I am


He is the Moon.

He is the Sun.

I am the darkness between the stars.


He shines so brilliantly in the dark.

He is radiant even when light is in excess.

He pulls the tides, and shields the stars.

From him, though, you’d expect no less.


He is the antithesis.

He is the paradox.

I am the dead metaphor.


I am the shortfall to his every pace.

The one thing forgone for the greater good.

The forgotten one who never won the race

And neither judge wondered if perhaps I should.


He is everything.

He is nothing.

I am just the space amid eternity.


He is a ghost of a dream I once had,

I am his dream that became terrible.

I am his sour ambition, a lost fad.

He is the hero of every parable.


He is the champion.

He is the savior.

I am the misled disciple.


Who is to judge one act of right;

Against one small scruple of wrong?

The hero prevails before all tonight

Many voices raised in an illusory song.


He is the One.

He is the All.

I am the prisoner of hope.


I invest that hope grain by grain

Into his very grand design,

But I am the dragon to be slain

For with good, some evil must intertwine.


He is this.

He is that.

I am neither.



photo credit: Lawrence OP via photopin cc


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