Google Glass and the “Other” People


dontseemeHe’s looking at you. But he doesn’t see you.


He never sees you anymore. He only sees what he wants to see and less and less, and day by day that’s no longer you. He only sees what he wants and you no longer think that’s you. Because why else would he act this way? Why else would he lie to you with such bold-faced audacity?

“Are you even listening?” you screech in one final attempt to break the fugue.

“Of course,” he says like all the times before, but his eyes are fixed on something else–always something else. “Yea–wait, what’d you say again?”

The future looks bright, but that’s because it’s swallowed by the light of a backlit screen.

Google Glass and the “Other” People

Google is coming out with the latest and greatest product: a computer you can wear on your face! Or rather a computer built intoa pair of glasses, if you want to be all technical. A play-through of its use can be watched here.

Being a science fiction fan, this seemed like the step in the right direction, towards the HUDs that dominate sci-fi movies. No longer is everything at your fingertips, but now its at the tip of your nose!

Then I came across this article today and I was like oh, maybe not. Maybe Google Glass won’t be that fantastic.

If you think it’s frustrating how people sit around the dinner table on their phone, imagine doing the same but with people wearing the glasses. The display is intended to allow for multitasking so that the person can see the little display and the real life, but let’s be honest; we are not going to be seeing the real world all too well while scrolling through our twitter feed.

Then what are we left with? People looking at you, talking to you, but not actually seeing you. Instead they’re somewhere in cyberspace, only in this moment by their physical presence alone.

I’m not too sure that’s the future I was thinking of…

But the products aren’t out yet. My predictions can be total hooey.

What are your thoughts?


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