And God said to man, poem

And God said to man: “I will give you everything I have.”

And man said “no”.

So I was thinking about deep things today as I do every Friday (psst that was sarcastic, I hardly ever even think). And I was thinking about Milton’s Paradise Lost. It got me to thinking about my own thoughts of the creation story and man’s fall and why the hell that even happened. I mean, what man is dumb enough to disobey the one thing that gave him existence? It’s not like there were laws that would have God be tried for attempted murder–no, God would just poof him to non-existence and be done with it.

Then, I realized, it wasn’t that. Or anything to do with that. Adam ate the fruit for some other reason than ignorance. It had to do with Eve. And love. Lots of it.

Also, for those who don’t know, there is a version (I think that’s the correct word) that has Adam be with Lilith first, but they fail to hit it off and Lilith becomes the mother of monsters/cast out.


And God said to man:

“I will give you everything I have.”

And man said “no”.

(because he was not greedy then—not yet)

Instead he gave his all to his Creator.

He tilled the fields for fruit.

He shepherded the animals to shelter.

He asked for only water and seeds

And God—God gave him all of these.

Then He gave man a woman to hold.

She had bright red hair

And soft set emerald eyes.

She cried in man’s arms at the sight of him:

For him—she knew—she would die.

But man did not understand her.

She was another field to be sewn;

Another animal to be led.

Soon the woman grew spiteful

And from heaven she directly fled.

God knew not what monster he created,

Whether it was woman or man.

The man continued to work the garden

And God created a stitch in His divine plan:

The man fell asleep beneath an apple tree;

God pulled a bone from his chest.

He made this woman like the man

And man liked her the best.

Man grew lazy with his wife.

She halved his work and tasks.

Sometimes he’d find himself thinking

Or simply sitting amongst the grass.

When woman told him of the tree

And the fruit it bore and its secrets,

He believed her with all his heart

For, to him, she would always be perfect.

And the woman was perfect

In the way that man was perfect:

They walked line by line down God’s plan

Exuding each assigned merit.

Adam bit the apple first.

Eve took the bite next.

And the snake laughed from the bough

At the perfection he just hexed.

For remember:

God fell in love with his own image

Just as man fell in love with his.

photo credit: Pensiero via photopin cc


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