The World is an Easter Egg- poem

The world is an Easter egg.


It once held the hope for life—

But it never had life inside of it:

No, inside it held all the pieces

But time just wouldn’t put it together.


So we paint the outside with all bright colors.

We dress it in lines and patterns and paint.

We hide the truth that there was hope

And bury that hope in the myth of art.


We heal by hiding them for others to find;

We let others find our worlds—barren but beautiful—and they believe the lie.

For what other worlds of ours have they seen?


Surely not the pale egg that was dropped into the boiling water.

Surely not the fine cracks the heat left that we artfully covered with paint.

Surely not the few that rolled from our grasp to break on the ground.

Surely not.


Our world is an Easter egg;

Beautiful, barren, believable


Author’s note: I really liked this and wanted to share it with you guys. I am still working on my other multi-chaps, especially slide to unlock. It’s just I’ve been looking for an apartment and that has been eating up all my free time. But I finally found one! I shall have a roof over my head! Woo!

Also if you’re like “why are their ‘x’s there? It’s because WordPress doesn’t like to have that extra space and will make my verses all run together, which I don’t want. If you know a better way, please tell me!


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