Answering Machine

Sometimes I feel like I’m speaking in dial tone, when I’m talking to you!

Answering Machine

“The city is covered in snow now.

It’s two feet high and pushed to the sides and dirty.

The city is covered in snow today.

Yea—I guess that’s all I called to say…

Because there is so much more left to say that I can’t

Like how I can’t believe things went the way they went.

I remember the look in your eyes as if you couldn’t believe it too;

But you don’t return my calls, so I guess it’s too good to be true.”

“The snow is starting to melt.

I found my car—it only took, what, a week?

The snow is starting melt.

How are you? Are you doing okay?

I know you hate me when I ask you these questions.

You tell me not to be another mother hen.

But I remember the tears in your eyes when you forgot to eat

And I knew you didn’t forget—but, oh god, oh god please

–please take care of yourself.”

“Valentine ’s Day was yesterday so I thought I’d call.

I made you a card but remembered not to send it

Valentine’s day was yesterday so—yea, I called

The card was really funny and I think you would have liked it.

Then again, who am I to know what you like?

Obviously I got it wrong all these years down the pike.

I said all the wrong things and did all the wrong stuff.

I should have known only loving you wouldn’t be enough.”

“I went to your office today before I could stop

The security guard almost turned me out but didn’t

I went to your office today because I needed to

But you weren’t there, so there was no need.

I ran into your assistant and she was the one who turned me away.

She sent me on a fruitless errand that lasted all day.

I returned with those crazy daisies you love so much.

But I think, on the bus, most of them got crushed.”

“I swung by your apartment to see if you were in.

I knocked so loudly the landlady chased me away.

I swung by your apartment to give you your t-shirt

And I dumped it in the sewer when you never came.

I have a lot of your things stacked in my room

I called to return them before, but that was too soon.

Will there ever be a time when I can return them?

God—god—it gets so hard…I just, can I burn them?

I can’t look at them anymore…”

“Your phone has been out for three months straight.

I called the company—you hadn’t paid your bill.

Your phone has been out for three fucking months

Your assistant stopped by and told me not to call.

It’s just hard to understand that you don’t want me

That you left only to haunt me.

I still want to return your stuff you slimy bastard.

I only want to return your shit—that’s all that I’m after.”

” I went by your grave today.

I dropped off that other shirt you left at my place.

I got you new flowers and a few fake

So something will always blooming at your grave.

I miss you.

I miss you so much.”

“This is the last time I’ll call.

I love you and I’m sorry about that–

But I will always love you”


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