The Red Silk Rope

So this idea is not my own–only the ending is because I CANNOT FIND THE ORIGINAL MYTH. If anyone can point me in the direction of it, or just let me know more details about it, I will love you forever. I just heard it once, in a presentation for class, and I always thought the imagery was beautiful.

The Red Silk Rope

There is a black void.

There is a rope stretched across it made of silk.

You stand where you suppose is the center.

Nothing behind you;

Nothing in front of you;

So you begin to walk.


There is a cold wind.

There are voices on the wind from sources unknown.

You cant your head to hear them.

But you cannot discern

Their direction or owner;

So you continue to walk.


There is a warmth.

There is a heat that spreads from your toes to your heart.

You cannot see anything beyond the silk rope.

Only the void stretches;

Only the wind shifts;

So you continue to walk.


There is a horizon.

There is a point where the silk rope and void blends.

You use it as your north star in your journey.

The needle of your compass;

The pull of your very soul;

So you continue to walk.


There is no more warmth.

There is a pain that fractures your bones to dust.

Your feet are sliced further with each step.

The North Star vacillates;

The voices beckon;

So you continue to walk.


There is someone waiting for you.

There is the end of the silk rope, tied around their pinky finger.

You fall into their arms and they into your heart.

Nothing behind you;

Everything before you;

Together, you begin to walk.




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