We create a universe out of nothing

A poem, untitled currently (and probably forever, about an idea. I’m hoping the formatting works out for this because half the fun is how it moves across the page as you read it.

Here goes nothing! And please review in the comments!

We Create a Universe out of Nothing

Sometimes the darkness is far too vast to stand alone amongst.

As children we reach for our parents;

As teenagers we reach for our friends;

As adults we only reach for lovers.

We grip hands with bony fingers, worn skeletal by fear.

We steal body heat to wrap ourselves away from the world.

We hide behind vertebrae and flesh and beating hearts.


When the darkness is too vast and we are too alone,

There comes a moment of relief;

Bravery mounts and courage stands

strongly in our breast—we have overcome the dark.

But it is still far too vast to stand alone amongst:

So we shrink with each passing hour,


And smaller,

And       smaller,

Until the hand that reaches out is but a star,

Pale and luminous amongst the midnight nothing.


The funny thing about darkness is we are separate.

We are we and the dark is the dark.

There is no confusion,

Or any blurring of the bounds.

So—to become more—we reach for other separables.

We wrap ourselves up in arms and love and affection.

We create a star in that dark—shining in our unity.


We create a universe out of nothing:

Or—if we fail—a badge of fallen hope.

The darkness is always too vast to stand amongst:

Humans, we—we are forever reaching .


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