Sleep is for the weak!

This is an update post because my brain is fried so all the lists I come up with are.

1. sleep

2. sleep

a. sleep

  • sleep

3. sleep

Which is why I also feel it’s necessary to title this post that sleep is for the weak.


It is mid-month of NaNoWriMo and, I don’t know about you, but my jets have cooled. My characters that I meticulously planned aren’t as meticulously planned as I had thought. My plot has taken it upon itself to run away to Narnia. The amount of time I thought I’d find has been suck dried by something called, believe it or not, my life (I know, I thought I’d never have one either).

But you know what I say to this? To when it looks like all is for naught?

Not today, life! Not today!

I know a lot of other authors are getting discouraged, too. And ti’s easy to see why. We’re mid-month and we’re not even half way through our story. But you must remember that not all halves of the months were created equal; some you’ll find more pockets of time or bursts of inspiration.

NaNoWriMo is also just an exercise. You don’t need to finish. Sure, try to get as close as you can, but I really just view it as the fire lit at my back so that I finally, finally get a substantial amount of this story in my head onto paper.

Well this was an update.




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